Banglarbhumi.gov.in Know your RS-LR Plot Information Details

Search your RS-LR Plot Information Details at West Bengal WB BanglarBhumi Khatian official web portal i.e banglarbhumi.gov.in.....
BanglarBhumi is the official website of West Bengal Land Records. West Begal Sarkar had already launched a facility citizens who are buying Lands or Plots in West Bengal those people can check the Banglar Bhumi Khatian Land Records, RS-LR Plot Information available at banglarbhumi.gov.in web portal. The Web page is maintained WB Government. WB is one the biggest state in our Country.

The Department of Land & Land Reforms, West Bengal had giving updates on RS-LR Plot Details, Mauza Maps Information (Cadastral Maps) and WB Land Records. Lot of citizens confuse on how to check the RS LR Plot Details, How to know my BanglarBhumi Land Property Value and Mauza Identification details etc. It is very simple we will explain all of them available in West Bengal BanglarBhumi's website.

How to Know RS-LR Plot Information at banglarbhumi.gov.in

Here are the simple instructions to know full information about on it. Steps are as follows.....
Banglarbhumi.gov.in RS LR Plot Information
  • First of all logon into this Page: http://banglarbhumi.gov.in
  • There are lot of Tabs available in the Menu Bar like Home, About Us, DLRs, SLUB, Training etc.
  • In that Tabs you can see "Citizen Services". Just Move the Cursor on Citizen Services Tab.
  • Another Sub Menu will shows you. In that Menu you must click on or choose the RS-LR Plot Information.
  • After it can shows some fields like, District, Block and Mouza.
  • Then Choose the District Name, Block Name and Mouza Name.
  • After selecting those fields it can show the plot details on your Screen.
If there are any doubts on this article please visit http://banglarbhumi.gov.in/ and www.wbregistration.gov.in/index.aspx

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